Collaborative Law has been an available option for settling disputes for over 20 years but has recently started gaining popularity.  It is a form of mediation that brings not just the parties and attorneys to the table but also incorporates a coach to help facilitate the discussions and provide one-on-one discussions with the parties to ensure all issues are addressed. In addition, various other experts are brought in, most commonly a financial expert, to help really take a look at the assets and liabilities and figure out how the parties can move forward with two households.  The financial expert may also be a person to assist with business evaluations or property assessments.  Sounds expensive? Actually, bringing in the necessary experts up front and addressing all concerns in the beginning can save thousands in long-term costs that often  occur when attorneys have to go back and forth when parties each want their own financial expert, can’t get past their own anger and grief, and then the cost of drafting, filing, and arguing multiple pleadings.  Follow the link below to the Collaborative Law website to see if this is the right choice for you.

Collaborative Law Information